how to berlin, a book by grace dobush

How To Berlin

I’ve wanted to share what I’ve learned in my nearly four years living in Berlin, and it’s now an e-book available on Amazon: How To Berlin!

I moved to Berlin in 2015, and even though I had the advantage of already being fluent in German, it was still rough! A lot of expats muddle their way through dozens of blogs to find basic information they need about living in Germany. Some tips spread only via word of mouth. Some people love giving advice but don’t know what they’re talking about. So this is the book that I wish I’d had back then: a collection of all of my advice for moving to Berlin.

You’ll learn:

  • What kinds of visas and work permits exist
  • Insider tips for finding an apartment in Berlin
  • How to get set up as a freelancer in Berlin
  • Workplace customs and protections in Germany
  • How to bring your pet with you to Germany
  • Where to shop when all stores are closed on Sundays
  • How coronavirus is affecting German bureaucracy
  • And why you should always, always separate your trash.

The e-book is jam-packed with helpful links, which you can download as a bookmarks file to import to your browser. Get the book here, and tell your friends!

Are you already a Berliner? Find out with this bingo card:

bingo card to see if you're a real berliner

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