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eleanor beardsley in paris (pledge so hard)

If you love song parodies and NPR and “Watch the Throne,” boy, are you in luck:

This video is almost two years in the making — I wrote “Eleanor Beardsley in Paris” originally in 2012, and when I heard that Carl Kasell was retiring this spring, I realized we had to make the video a reality.

Fun fact: I’ve written song parodies since I was a teenager, but always just performed them for friends. I hope this video will get me one step closer to my dream of becoming the heir apparent to Weird Al.

I gotta give shoutouts to Jay and ‘Ye for writing the song this is based on, MaryKate Moran for being the Jay-Z to my Kanye, Matthew Luken for doing the camera work, Vicky for being the camerawoman on the ground in Paris, and Pat Jarrett for editing this whole deal better than I could have ever done.