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crafty road trip wrapup

eastern us road trip route

capitol building washington dcIt’s hard to distill three weeks of traveling into one blog post. This road trip was a great entry into freelance life, but it’s crazy how fast it went. Living out of one suitcase became totally normal; staying in motion became instinctive. Every city had friends for me to see, things to do and places to go. I went into nearly every Barnes & Noble along my route to sign copies of my book.

Highlights of my trip include: Weathering a big storm during the Summit of Awesome in DC; seeing my great-aunt in Maryland; going to my good friend’s baby shower in NJ-suburban Philadelphia; hanging out with Mikey and Melissa in Philly; seeing PSY in Soho on the street; crashing with Karin and Ben in Bushwick; meeting up with Amy for drinks at Lavender Lake; stopping in Providence for an afternoon; lots of home cooking with Summer in Somerville, MA; doing research at the Corning Museum of Glass; going to the zine fair in Pittsburgh; getting Wendy’s for my grandma in Cleveland; seeing my buddy JT and his band Paper Route in Canton; and hanging out with my family back home. PHEW.

gangnam style on the street in soho psyBig ups to Jessica and Michael for suggesting that I get an EZpass before going on the road — it saved me so much time on that East Coast corridor between DC and Boston. And I have to say that New York City driving was less terrible than I expected. I think driving in Pittsburgh prepared me for it pretty well.

These are the awesome handmade/craft shops I visited:

2,400 miles; $226 in gas; 21 days; 8 cities; 2 new tires

sleeping arrangements: 6 nights in a real bed; 4 nights on a sofa; 3 nights on a sofa bed; 3 nights on an air mattress; 2 nights on a futon; 2 nights on a fake floor-pillow bed

Hurtling towards my book deadline

Current word count: 27,818 (out of 30,000)

Trying not to freak out too much about the fact that my book is due in less than a MONTH. I’m starting to break down the remaining stuff to do into manageable chunks. I made up a calendar with weekly goals written on it, for example, my goal for this weekend is to polish up the introduction and first chapter and get the appendix done.

I’m taking a few days off of work in the next month to give myself more time to work on the book. I’m also trying not to completely get cut off from the rest of the world. (Sorry, friends!)

One big problem in getting done with the book is that I keep finding more people I want to talk to! Gotta stop that… After next week, promise.

PS: I’m not writing recaps of books I read for now, but I am still updating my list.

Holy crap, my book’s almost real

Current word count: 25,035 (out of 30,000)

A little more than a month left until my manuscript deadline, and I have reached my Jan. 1 goal of 25,000 words a few days early! It’s incredible to see the progress I’ve made. The book still has some holes and placeholders, but my to-do list is manageable, and the end is in sight. Of course, after I turn in the manuscript in February, there’s still a few months of editing to come. :)

Barrelling towards 30,000 words

Talked to more awesome crafters, and after copying and pasting integrating their quotes, I am very near my Dec. 1 goal of 20,000 words!

Current word count: 19,843 (out of 30,000)

My to-do list is still very long, but I feel positive about where the book’s going as the deadline creeps ever nearer. The manuscript is due Feb. 10, and ideally I’d like to be able to turn in something in really good shape, so maybe I’ll aim to hit 30,000 words by January 1 so I have a few weeks to revise and edit.

Probably the biggest thing on my list is contacting the organizers of major indie craft shows. I’d been waiting on that because craft show season is in full tilt right now. But if I wait too long, I’ll be hitting the holiday season when (presumably) people aren’t going to want to be doing interviews. Conundrum!