new year’s roundup

You'd think, since I wasn't working on a new book, I would've had tons of time to read in 2010, right? Well, I kept plenty busy with a promotion at my day job, organizing two local craft show events and travelling a ton. I kept on making handmade journals and cards, and I also joined a… Continue reading new year’s roundup

notable recent reads

Long time no blog, right? But I'm back with three recently read, utterly awesome books, all written by women with three names: Adrian Nicole Leblanc, "Random Family" Leblanc spent a decade hanging out with a random family from the Bronx, then she wrote this book. I'd read an interview with her in New New Journalism… Continue reading notable recent reads

Graydon Carter, George Kalogerakis and Kurt Andersen, “SPY: The Funny Years”

I found an old issue of this acerbic, New York-centric magazine for a dollar and fell in love with it. Got a good deal on this hardcover from Copacetic Comics in Pittsburgh! THE LOWDOWN Published: 2006, 304 pp. Obtained via: Copacetic Date started: 2.10.09 Date finished: 2.30.09 What I liked: The mid-'80s seem like such… Continue reading Graydon Carter, George Kalogerakis and Kurt Andersen, “SPY: The Funny Years”

Holy crap, my book’s almost real

Current word count: 25,035 (out of 30,000) A little more than a month left until my manuscript deadline, and I have reached my Jan. 1 goal of 25,000 words a few days early! It's incredible to see the progress I've made. The book still has some holes and placeholders, but my to-do list is manageable,… Continue reading Holy crap, my book’s almost real

Malcolm Gladwell, “Blink”

Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for the New Yorker, and he cracks me up. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2005, 280 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 10.12.08 Date finished: 11.10.08 What I liked: The question he asks in this book is how do we know the things we know? Why are first impressions so often, and… Continue reading Malcolm Gladwell, “Blink”