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my book has a title!

Crafty Superstar: Turn Your Crafts into Extra Cash, Keep Your Day Job, and Basically Have It All will be released in November 2009! And I have even more exciting news:

Current word count: 14,953 (out of 30,000)

I powered through today, integrating tons of quotes from interviews to try to hit my goal of 15,000 this weekend, and it worked! After hitting the halfway point, I just have to write about 5,000 words in November, December and January to hit my manuscript deadline (with a week or two for revisions in there, too).

I’ve been talking to so many amazing people for this book, and my list of crafters I want to talk to still keeps growing! If you happen to know a biz-savvy part-time crafter, let me know. :)

book update

Current word count: 9,400 (out of 30,000)

I’m not as far along as I’d like to be, but I’m making progress. I’d hoped to hit 15,000 words by the end of October… that’d take a miracle at this point, I think.

But really, I’m not terribly behind. I’ve started interviewing a ton of awesome crafters, but I’ve integrated relatively little of their information into the book. So once I start doing that, it’ll write itself. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

In any case, I’m almost a third of the way there with about four months to go.

The title meeting for my book was the week before last, but so far there’s still no final decision. I pitched a few ideas, as did my editor, but there are many more people in on the discussion—the publisher, salespeople, marketing managers. I hope there’s a decision soon… I think the book will start feeling more real when there’s a title attached.

I’m writing a book

I very vaguely alluded to a big potential project in my last post of 2007. That project is now very real, so I feel OK with letting the cat out of the bag: I’m writing a book. Got a deal and everything. (Though deal is a kind of misleading word—it implies six-figure advances and major publicity campaigns, neither of which I have.)

The book—as of yet untitled—is a how-to business book for indie crafters. My final manuscript is due in February, and the book will be on shelves in fall 2009, if all goes according to plan. I’m still going to write my little capsule book reviews here in this blog, but I’m also going to use it to keep track of my writing progress. Like so:

Current word count: 6,793 (out of 30,000)

And I have stories to tell about the wild world of book publishing. I might create an FAQ. The most FAQ has to be whether I get to pick the title of the book. I don’t—that’s a decision left up to the publisher, with the input of my editor and the marketing/sales folks. The more you know!

So, that’s why I’ve totally dropped the killer reading pace I had earlier this year. It’s an exciting project, but dang, is it a lot of work.

If you have any questions, post a comment!