Michael James Brody, Oct. 31, 1948 – Jan. 26, 1973

michael james brody jr

Michael James Brody Jr. made the news in January 1970 as he offered to give money from his $25 million fortune to anyone who needed it. Newspapers called him a "hippie angel," a "giveaway millionaire." But as the attention grew overwhelming and checks started bouncing, he withdrew from the public eye, resurfacing only occasionally amid legal problems, killing himself three years later in Upstate New York.

Hanna Rosin, “God’s Harvard”

This Washington Post writer's in-depth study of Patrick Henry College is one of those books that I can't stop talking about and recommend to all of my friends. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2007, 304 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 8.12.08 Date finished: 8.17.08 What I liked: Rosin spent a lot of time with the students… Continue reading Hanna Rosin, “God’s Harvard”