Working for Free? Someone’s Got to Get Paid

I've been thinking a lot about getting paid lately. Not only because I've been a self-employed editor and writer for the last six months, but because the internet blew up this week over an incident in which The Atlantic asked a writer to adapt a hella long story for zero dollars. Freelance writers went into… Continue reading Working for Free? Someone’s Got to Get Paid

things I’ve read lately, vol. 3

I've got a real backlog of magazines on my end table, and yet I just can't stop reading. Here are 12 things I read and loved (or at least couldn't stop thinking about) this past month. (See the previous things I've read here.) Germany's Racist Present (Quartz) — despite a dedication to preventing another Holocaust, Germany… Continue reading things I’ve read lately, vol. 3

how to pitch a story to a magazine

While I was on my crafty book tour, I took a brief detour between Pittsburgh and Cleveland to talk to Jacquie Marino's magazine publishing class at Kent State's journalism school. I love any excuse to visit my alma mater, but I was especially stoked to talk about the current state of magazine publishing and how I went… Continue reading how to pitch a story to a magazine

Brian Wood, Richard Burchielli and Nathan Fox, “DMZ: Public Works”

The latest installment of the series I've been reading that takes place in a demilitarized Manhattan in the midst of a new civil war. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2008, 128 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 7.16.08 Date finished: 7.18.08 What I liked: This comic comes off as so much more serious after reading "Transmetropolitan" for… Continue reading Brian Wood, Richard Burchielli and Nathan Fox, “DMZ: Public Works”