things I’ve read lately, vol. 3

I've got a real backlog of magazines on my end table, and yet I just can't stop reading. Here are 12 things I read and loved (or at least couldn't stop thinking about) this past month. (See the previous things I've read here.) Germany's Racist Present (Quartz) — despite a dedication to preventing another Holocaust, Germany… Continue reading things I’ve read lately, vol. 3

Middle Class Problems vs. Robert Falcon Scott Problems

One hundred years ago, Sir Robert Falcon Scott had intended to be the first man to lead a team to the South Pole, but when he arrived, it turned out Roald Amundsen had beaten him there. To add insult to injury, Scott and his entire party died on the way back to the coast—bummer. There is but one moral of Scott’s story: Modern life ain’t so bad. All middle class problems fade in comparison to Robert Falcon Scott problems.

David Sedaris, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”

Reread this—it appeared in my list from the first year I started keeping track. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2000, 272 pp. Obtained via: My bookshelf Date started: 7.26.08 Date finished: 8.1.08 What I liked: Pretty much everything! It's also a lot funnier if you imagine him reading it in his nasally voice. What I didn't like:… Continue reading David Sedaris, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”