Can I Get in Trouble for Selling Crafts Based on Popular Characters?

Can you make things that look like copyrighted characters and sell them on Etsy? My friend is making really cool Oscar the Grouch hats, but could she can get in trouble for selling them? As a general rule, you shouldn't sell crafts with any character, image or logo that's not your own. Etsy can and will… Continue reading Can I Get in Trouble for Selling Crafts Based on Popular Characters?

What’s the Best Glue for Paper?

Amanda asks: Grace, what is the best adhesive to use for attaching paper on paper? Specifically, old paper onto new paper. Also, will you please start a Q&A craft blog? Great. Thanks. Your wish is my command! The most important thing to be aware of when using old paper and gluing papers together is the acidity.… Continue reading What’s the Best Glue for Paper?

Bob Schildgen, “Hey Mr. Green”

Mr. Green answers all your questions regarding eco-consciousness, something akin to Slate's Green Lantern. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2008, 216 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 7.18.08 Date finished: 7.19.08 What I liked: There were a few questions answered in here that I'd wondered myself—such as how to compost if you live in an apartment, and… Continue reading Bob Schildgen, “Hey Mr. Green”