M.T. Anderson, “Feed”

In the not-so-distant future, everybody's hooked up to the feed—like internet 4.0 incorporated directly into your brain and navigated with your thoughts. Everything's possible: anything you dream of can be delivered to your house within minutes, trips to the moon are commonplace, mind-to-mind chatting replaces direct conversation. A teenage boy starts to question America's instant… Continue reading M.T. Anderson, “Feed”

Brian Wood, Richard Burchielli and Nathan Fox, “DMZ: Public Works”

The latest installment of the series I've been reading that takes place in a demilitarized Manhattan in the midst of a new civil war. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2008, 128 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 7.16.08 Date finished: 7.18.08 What I liked: This comic comes off as so much more serious after reading "Transmetropolitan" for… Continue reading Brian Wood, Richard Burchielli and Nathan Fox, “DMZ: Public Works”