notable recent reads

Long time no blog, right? But I’m back with three recently read, utterly awesome books, all written by women with three names: Adrian Nicole Leblanc, “Random Family” Leblanc spent a decade hanging out with a random family from the Bronx, then she wrote this book. I’d read an interview with her in New New Journalism […]


“Rejected,” edited by Jon Friedman

Comedy writers and other funny people share stories rejected by SNL, the Onion and Comedy Central, as well as stories of general disapproval. Absolutely hilarious. (“Rejected” is slated to be released Jan. 27, 2009. Gotta love preview copies!) THE LOWDOWN Published: 2009, 272 pp. Obtained via: Free table at work Date started: 12.4.08 Date finished: […]


Rutu Modan, “Exit Wounds”

Koby, a young man in Tel Aviv, hears from a soldier who believes his estranged father—her lover—may have been a victim in a suicide bombing. Together, they try to track down his whereabouts. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2007, 174 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 11.10.08 Date finished: 11.11.08 What I liked: The drawings are simple […]