how to pitch a story to a magazine

While I was on my crafty book tour, I took a brief detour between Pittsburgh and Cleveland to talk to Jacquie Marino's magazine publishing class at Kent State's journalism school. I love any excuse to visit my alma mater, but I was especially stoked to talk about the current state of magazine publishing and how I went… Continue reading how to pitch a story to a magazine

Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, “The New York Four”

By the dude who did "DMZ" and from the DC imprint Minx. A shy girl starts college in Manhattan and balances having friends for the first time with a txt-based relationship. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2008, 176 pp. Obtained via: Library Date started: 12.29.08 Date finished: 12.29.08 What I liked: I am all about Minx. Good… Continue reading Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, “The New York Four”