Kevin Huizenga, “Curses”

I read a couple of Kevin Huizenga‘s Or Else and Glenn Ganges series comics upon the recommendation of Curt. I’d already heard of “Curses,” though, from the New York Times’ top 100 books of 2006 list. “Curses” is all thoughtful Glenn Ganges stories, which seem autobiographical, as they’re mostly set in the Midwestern suburbs Huizenga’s […]


Curtis Sittenfeld, “Prep”

I seriously feel like I just relived high school. “Prep” follows Lee’s four years on scholarship at prestigious prep school Ault. She feels weird and observes her classmates from afar, too afraid to participate in their socializing. The book charts her baby steps toward happiness, which she never quite grasps as she’s too self-conscious to […]

More, “Sex Advice From…”

While making a Christmas books order, I came across this compilation by the editors of and just had to read it. They surveyed regular folks around the country to get perspectives on sex from competitive eaters, Santas, sorority girls (the most boring, by far), nudists and bloggers, to name a few. THE LOWDOWN Published: […]


Jeffrey Brown, “Unlikely”

Before you accuse me of high levels of nerdery, I’ll come out and say that this is a graphic novel. Like Craig Thompson’s “Blankets” (which came highly recommended to me; which I devoured in less than 24 hours; which is the only other graphic novel I’ve read so far), this story’s about a guy who’s […]