Tom Stoppard, “Arcadia”

I feel like I’d really need to read this play again to fully digest it. Basically, it switches back and forth between a group of modern-day researchers poking around a 19th-century literary mystery and the actual event they’re investigating. It’s so masterful I can barely comprehend it. THE LOWDOWN Published: 1993, 100 pp. Obtained via: […]


David Mamet, “Oleanna”

After rewatching “Wag the Dog,” recently, my friend Marty insisted that I read some of David Mamet’s other works, because I hadn’t. THE LOWDOWN Published: 1993, 80 pp. Obtained via: Marty Date started: 5.19.07 Date finished: 5.24.07 What I liked: The rapid-fire dialogue. What I didn’t like: The rapid-fire dialogue, sometimes. It’s possible to rush […]