books for 2010

i’ve been majorly on a nonfiction kick lately. here’s what i’ve read this year so far! maybe i’ll hit 50 again in 2010. 1. Michael Pollan, “In Defense of Food” Loved it. It’s helping me think about food in a whole new way, in particular to think about foods as the complex organisms they are […]


Stuff I’ve read lately

Esther Pearl Watson, “Unlovable, Vol. 1″ I love Esther Pearl Watson’s gruesome tales of the life of ’80s teenager Tammy Pierce, and I think any girl who ever experienced high school will be able to identify—if only a little bit—with the unlovable protagonist. It’s a big, pink, sparkly square book full of cartoons. Get it! […]


by the way…

Finished writing my book yesterday at 2:30 p.m. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to be done. Well, you know, done aside from the rounds of editing coming over the next few months. Hurrah!