Stuff I’ve read lately

Esther Pearl Watson, “Unlovable, Vol. 1″ I love Esther Pearl Watson’s gruesome tales of the life of ’80s teenager Tammy Pierce, and I think any girl who ever experienced high school will be able to identify—if only a little bit—with the unlovable protagonist. It’s a big, pink, sparkly square book full of cartoons. Get it! […]


Lauren R. Weinstein, “Girl Stories”

Awesome collection of awkward-middle-school-girl vignettes in the same vein as Tammy Pierce is Unlovable, one of my all-time favorites. THE LOWDOWN Published: 2006, 240 pp. Obtained via: Clifton Comics Date started: 5.15.08 Date finished: 5.15.08 What I liked: Awkwardness level is off the charts! What I didn’t like: Varying styles of drawing is a little […]