pyrex book project: do you collect pyrex?

pyrex horizon blue box

I’ve been thinking a long time about writing a book about Pyrex — and becoming a full-time freelance writer and editor last year has given me a lot more time to work on passion projects like this one. I’ve got an agent interested in the project, but I’m still in the early stages of putting together a proposal.

Ever since Jess got me hooked on collecting Pyrex five years ago, I’ve just loved the vintage kitchenware, midcentury colors and gorgeous patterns. I’ve got a pretty decent collection, but I know mine is tiny in comparison to some Pyrexaholics out there!

My book is envisioned as a beautiful, photography-heavy project, with history, patterns, stories of collectors and TONS pictures of Pyrex in action. (Would the title Pyrex Porn be off-putting? Because it’s kind of perfect.) I’m hoping to photograph the best and biggest collections in North America, and if you’d like to possibly take part, please take this short survey! There’s no obligation — it’s a fact-finding mission for now. I will keep y’all updated here on my blog!

3 thoughts on “pyrex book project: do you collect pyrex?”

  1. Hello…I am an avid Pyrex collector! I have all of my pieces documented in an Excel file. My collection contains over 550 pieces (does not include any lids). Thanks for the interest!

  2. Love the book idea! I’d be interested in owning it, tho I don’t know enough or own enough to be considered a collector. I just enjoy using the bowls and casseroles in my everyday kitchen. They bring back memories from my childhood through my early married years (1950s -1980s). I look forward to seeing your finished book!

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