Chicago’s Boring Store

During a recent whirlwind trip to Chicago, one place I didn’t make it to was the Boring Store (certainly not a secret agent store). As someone who’s been mopped at the Pirate Store at 826 Valencia, I’m surprised I forgot it was in Chicago. And at one point I was even less than a mile away at Quimby’s. (But I was only in town for 24 hours, and there were a lot of pizzas to see.)

Anyway, as I was looking at the Boring Store’s location on Google Maps, I noticed something curious:

the boring store, chicago, store for spies

That woman in the sunglasses looks awfully suspicious. Think about it—if you were a secret agent, wouldn’t you carry around a yoga bag as a decoy prop while hanging out nonchalantly in front of your favorite spy store?

the boring store, chicago, secret agents, spy store, possible spy

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