wanna order crafty superstar?

You can do just that right here! for just $15 plus shipping, you can get a signed copy of my business book for part-time crafters. It’s flying off the shelves!

Crafty Superstar: Make Crafts on the Side, Earn Extra Cash and Basically Have It All includes advice from movers and shakers in the craft universe such as Jenny Hart, Jessica Manack, Susie Ghahremani, Grace Bonney, Jenny Harada, Cinnamon Cooper and many more! You’ll learn how to boost your sales, sell out at an indie craft show, promote yourself and your crafts, and balance your craft life with your personal life.

get it now!


  1. dolores

    Received the book one week ago – thank you so much, soooo motivating, I just wrote a comment at my blog – maybe you want to visit, to see how´s overseas.
    kindest regards,

  2. Carmen Flores Tanis

    I just bought your book today and am so so so excited to read it! It’s the first book that I’ve found which covers selling on Etsy and how to put on your own craft show. I’ve been putting on craft shows this last year and have had to learn everything on my own so I’m delighted that you have a step-by-step craft show how-to list! Thanks so much for putting together a book from the “indie” perspective! Much success to you!

  3. Amy Litteral

    I read your book from cover to cover! I have been crafting for ten years and this is the first book to provide such useful information in such an exciting way. I am telling every artist that I know about it! It is a must have!

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