recently read book blurbs

Scott McCartney, “The Wall Street Guide to Power Travel”
Secrets of the most frequent fliers. Good advice!

Trina Robbins, “From Girls to Grrlz: A History of Women’s Comics from Teens to Zines”
As a lover of Betty and Veronica as well as Tammy Pierce, I was all about this book.

David Sedaris, “Me Talk Pretty One Day” (reread)
Still funny.

Michel Rabagliatti, “Paul Goes Fishing”
A good way to learn some Quebecois.

Christopher Buckley, “Boomsday”
Super hilarious novel by the guy who wrote “Thank You For Smoking.” Basically: A fed-up blogger comes up with a plan to ease the strain on the social security system, by encouraging boomers to off themselves in exchange for tax credits. It seems ridiculous, but some parts seem practically possible!

Julie Powell, “Julie & Julia”
I was skeptical, because I assume anything Amy Adams is involved with is too cute to stand, but the real Julie is fantastically foul-mouthed. Also, this book makes me want to cook impossible things with massive amounts of butter.

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