recently read books

Arthur Allen, “Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine’s Greatest Lifesaver
so good. so nerdy. an absolute must.

Rona Jaffe, “The Best of Everything
If you like Mad Men, you must read this book.

Larry Beinhart, “American Hero” aka “Wag the Dog
the basis of one of my favorite movies ever (and the first R-rated flick i ever saw in the theater). The movie seemed to be allegory about Clinton and the Balkan conflicts; the book is all about the first Bush and the Gulf War. Despite their differences, they totally complement each other, and I adore both.

Doesn’t look like i’m going to hit 50 books this year, unless i really step up my game in the next four months. writing a book has to count for at least 20, right?

Got anything to add?

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