“Rejected,” edited by Jon Friedman

Comedy writers and other funny people share stories rejected by SNL, the Onion and Comedy Central, as well as stories of general disapproval. Absolutely hilarious.

(“Rejected” is slated to be released Jan. 27, 2009. Gotta love preview copies!)

Published: 2009, 272 pp.
Obtained via: Free table at work
Date started: 12.4.08
Date finished: 12.20.08
What I liked: I was especially fond of the stories from Kristen Schaal, Wendy Spero, David Wain and Michael Ian Black, Joel Stein and Janet Ginsburg.
What I didn’t like: There were only one or two stories I wasn’t cracking up at.
What I learned: Sometimes the outtakes are funnier than the main act.

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