Brian Wood, Richard Burchielli and Nathan Fox, “DMZ: Public Works”

The latest installment of the series I’ve been reading that takes place in a demilitarized Manhattan in the midst of a new civil war.

Published: 2008, 128 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 7.16.08
Date finished: 7.18.08
What I liked: This comic comes off as so much more serious after reading “Transmetropolitan” for a while. Even more depressing.
What I didn’t like: Feeling like I’d forgotten everything that happened since the last volume.
What I learned: Maybe I should start reading the individual comics rather than wait for the compilations.


  1. jjohnsen

    The greatest decision I made with comics recently was to just wait. I was collecting Y the Last Man and kept forgetting to pick it up, so I’d go six months without reading it. I finally just quit and then recently when the series ended I picked up all the trades and issues. It was much more satisfying.

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