Warren Ellis and Derick Robertson, “Transmetropolitan, Vols. 1 and 2”

“Transmetropolitan”‘s been described as postcyberpunk, which is a new one on me but seems fitting. It’s a story about a journalist in search of truth in a grim future, in the same vein as “DMZ.”

Published: 1998, 72 pp., and 1999, 208 pp.
Obtained via: Pat
Date started: 6.12.08
Date finished: 6.15.08
What I liked: The out-of-control technology of the future and all of the advertisements for it. The gonzo-journalism-gone-amok ethos of Spider Jerusalem, the main character.
What I didn’t like: I don’t usually go for superhero aesthetics in comics, so my dislike of the lettering is nothing new. The comic’s pretty gruesome, so I don’t recommend it for the weak of stomach.
What I learned: I’ve got another eight volumes to go.

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