Marjane Satrapi, “The Complete Persepolis”

Saw the movie first, and had to read the original graphic novel! This is a couple parts combined into one hefty volume.

Published: 2004, 344 pp.
Obtained via: Columbus, Ohio’s Book Loft
Date started: 5.10.08
Date finished: 5.10.08
What I liked: Satrapi’s stories of growing up a rebellious girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution is mesmerizing, funny and eye-opening. Her high school years spent in Vienna were a vivid reminder of what it’s like to be out of place in a foreign land.
What I didn’t like: No complaints! I totally want to hang out with Marjane Satrapi.
What I learned: Where kids got rock cassettes during the revolution, how people get through war with their sense of humor intact.

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