Chris Ware, “Acme Novelty Library, Vol. 18”

I was disappointed that Ware discontinued the Rusty Brown story line he started in the 16th and 17th volumes, but it’s still good stuff. You might have read part of these Building Stories when they appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine a few years ago.

Published: 2007, 56 pp.
Obtained via: Comix Experience, San Francisco
Date started: 1.11.08
Date finished: 1.12.08
What I liked: Intricate, introspective, meticulous and depressing. The Building Stories focus on a young woman with a prosthetic leg and her loneliness, tied in with stories of the building she lives in.
What I didn’t like: I want more Rusty Brown.
What I learned: Chris Ware can’t draw fast enough for me to be satisfied.

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