Jeffrey Eugenides, “The Virgin Suicides”

I love this writer, and the movie based on this book was pretty good, too.

Published: 1993, 250 pp.
Obtained via: Jason
Date started: 4.5.08
Date finished: 4.10.08
What I liked: It’s another example of first-person plural narration that works really well. It also reminds me of the writearound technique magazine writers use when they can’t interview the subject of their story (see “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” by Gay Talese).
What I didn’t like: No complaints, although I think I would have understood the book differently if I hadn’t seen the movie (and hadn’t had the Air soundtrack running through my head the entire time).
What I learned: Sofia Coppola did a kickin’ job on the adaptation.

One Comment

  1. Kate

    This is one of my absolute favorite books of all time, & one of the only ones I can think of with a movie that’s just as good. I’m glad you mentioned that you would’ve understoof the story differently had you not seen the movie — I felt the same way. For once, I was actually glad I went the movie route first; I think it gave me a lot of understanding and imagery I wouldn’t have been able to conjure otherwise.

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