Adrian Tomine, “Shortcomings”

More from Adrian Tomine.

Published: 2007, 104 pp.
Obtained via: Bookstore
Date started: 3.16.08
Date finished: 3.16.08
What I liked: It’s a realistic take on mid-20s relationships from the vantage point of a guy who can never say the right thing.
What I didn’t like: Said guy is infuriating.
What I learned: Got some insight into relationships among Asian-Americans.

One Comment

  1. jaynova

    I love Adrian Tomine! The only thing I actually own of his is that collection of 1 to 4 page stories (was it called “32 Stories? I’m bad with numbers), but I got Kelly (Lohman) Shortcomings for Christmas a year ago. Good stuff!

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