Maxim Biller, “Love Today”

Found this “translated from the German” advance copy at work. “Love Today” is basically a more depressing, more Teutonic “Modern Love.”

Published: 2008, 216 pp.
Obtained via: Work
Date started: 2.20.08
Date finished: 2.24.08
What I liked: Biller very effectively creates a little world in each short story, which is generally less than six pages long. Most stories take place in a central or eastern European place, with characters that are Jewish or German or otherwise European. They are very melancholy and go down easy.
What I didn’t like: This ish is depressing. This might be the first time I’ve read a book that didn’t make me smile or laugh at all. I guess I’m of the school of “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”
What I learned: You can still tell writing is German after it’s translated.

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