Shalom Auslander, “Foreskin’s Lament”

Shalom Auslander writes about his experience growing up in an orthodox Jewish household and the fear of god it instilled in him.

Published: 2007, 312 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 2.11.08
Date finished: 2.15.08
What I liked: This book was hilarious. I really like how the narration jumped back and forth between Shalom’s formative years and his adult years. I also liked the straightforward prose. A lot of times it read like a “what I did on my summer vacation” kind of essay, which really worked in the parts where he wrote about his childhood.
What I didn’t like: No complaints, really. (I just wish I could remember where I read chunks of his work before… I know I read an essay about his rabbi at school yelling “name of the creator” at him any time he wrote his name [which is one of the many for god] and another about him and his wife walking 14 miles to Manhattan to watch a Rangers game on the sabbath. New York Times? New Yorker? No idea.)
What I learned: A lot about Jewish customs.

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