Steve Martin, “Born Standing Up”

I’m back to my old habit of having four or five books on my nightstand at all times now. My mom asked me how I keep them straight, but I think it’s because I’m never reading, say, five contemporary novels at once or five histories of beet farming at once. This past week I was reading a graphic novel, a self-help book, a comics anthology and this, an autobiography of comedian Steve Martin.

Published: 2007, 212 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 1.4.07
Date finished: 1.12.07
What I liked: Martin’s got incredible attention to detail—he mentions in the acknowledgments that he got many letters and pictures from friends to help recreate his memories of his life as a stand-up comic. He began performing magic as a youngster and chronicles his ascension into public adoration and his abrupt stop in 1981. I’ve heard from many people what a great writer Martin is (and I’m a fan of his movies), but I have to say that the one line that got an out-loud laugh from me was this: Once, in Texas, a woman came up to me and said, with some humor and a lot of drawl, “Are you that Steve Martin thang?” (Page 184)
What I didn’t like: No complaints.
What I learned: Martin endured panic attacks for years and bore heavily his father’s consistent criticism.

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