Ariel Gore, “How to become a famous writer before you’re dead”

The indefatigable Ariel Gore serves up exactly 78 tips on how to become a literary superstar.

Published: 2007, 265 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 12.31.07
Date finished: 1.7.08
What I liked: Girl knows how to write. She definitely follows her own advice—I especially appreciated tip #26: Don’t say plethora.
What I didn’t like: This is a little quibble—too many different distressed fonts scattered throughout the book. Also, I got a little defensive in the parts where she talks about dealing with the press. I know she is also the press, but I feel like I have to stand up for journalists when she says “Some journalists are frustrated novelists and zinesters who would like nothing more than to ridicule your novel or zine because they wish they’d written it themselves.” I know there’s the some qualifier there. But reporters have to call it like they see it, and sometimes the call is that the book sucks.
What I learned: Good ideas for self-promotion; cheerleading tactics for self-imposed deadlines!

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