Harvey Pekar, Heather Roberson and Ed Piskor, “Macedonia”

I have to admit, when I picked up this book, because Harvey Pekar’s from Cleveland, I assumed it was about Macedonia, Ohio. So obviously, this is about the Balkan state, and it’s like a textbook that’s actually fun to read. (There’s a great review of the book by Pittsburgh’s City Paper here.)

Published: 2007, 176 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 11.20.07
Date finished: 12.27.07
What I liked: After I got over how text-heavy this book is, I really appreciated it for its solid overview on the situation in the Balkans and particularly in Macedonia, which managed to avoid the all-out civil wars that plagued surrounding nations.
What I didn’t like: I wasn’t a huge fan of the art—mostly because it looked like the Macedonians were screaming in every other panel, when the supporting text was perfectly benevolent. Major mixed signals.
What I learned: A lot about “balkanization” and modern ethnic conflicts.

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