Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, “Inherit the Wind”

Four books left to make my resolution to read 50 this year; nine days left in which to do it. Will I make it?

I’ve got a half-dozen books in line to read over my Christmas break, which extends from now until the end of the year. If I buckle down (and don’t try to read anything, say, over 400 pages) I think I’m gonna be able to do it.

Published: 1960, 118 pp.
Obtained via: Kevin
Date started: 12.15.07
Date finished: 12.22.07
What I liked: This is a fun adaptation of the Scopes Monkey Trial. I’m embarrased to say that I don’t know enough about the historical even to know when and how much creative license the authors took.
What I didn’t like: No complaints, though I have to say the second half of the book went much faster than the first.
What I learned: Logic always wins.

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