David Bledin, “Bank: A Novel”

No matter what your job is, the main character in this book has it worse. Mumbles, an investment banker, sees his life crumbling around him as he attempts to put up with two years of being an analyst. Are the 100-hour workweeks and unreasonable bosses worth the promise of a recommendation for an MBA program? Hell naw.

Published: 2007, 304 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 12.14.07
Date finished: 12.16.07
What I liked: It was easy to read and pretty entertaining.
What I didn’t like: The women in the novel, all peripheral characters, were for the most part conformed to odd stereotypes. The book was also really frustrating—the entire time you are willing Mumbles to quit, but some morbid sense of duty he has keeps him in the trenches much longer than he should be.
What I learned: Never, ever go into investment banking.

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