Tom Stoppard, “Arcadia”

I feel like I’d really need to read this play again to fully digest it. Basically, it switches back and forth between a group of modern-day researchers poking around a 19th-century literary mystery and the actual event they’re investigating. It’s so masterful I can barely comprehend it.

Published: 1993, 100 pp.
Obtained via: Marty
Date started: 11.11.07
Date finished: 11.18.07
What I liked: I love the parallels between the two story lines and how later on the scenes start melding together.
What I didn’t like: I just realized while reading this play how much more attention you have to pay to a story when there’s no narration. Not that I didn’t like it, I just had to use my imagination a lot more.
Unresolved questions: I’m still partially unsure which questions and hypotheses the researchers had were debunked and which were answered. Again, I’d have to read the play again or go back to my TA, Marty.

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