Anders Nilsen, “Monologues for the Coming Plague”

Drawn and Quarterly dude Anders Nilsen has perhaps the saddest story in comics. Comics buddy Curt lent me some of Anders’ “Dogs and Water” series last year, and I was down with the ethereal, existential feel it had. I’d read his latest, “Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow,” but I’ll have to be sure I wasn’t planning on feeling happy that week. (An excerpt from the book, which centers around the death of his fiancee, as described by the Chicago Reader: One section, with the deceptively blithe title “Since You’ve Been Gone I Can Do Whatever I Want, All the Time,” shows him crying by himself at every point of the day.) So I guess I’ve written more now about a book that I haven’t read than the book I did read. Oh well.

Published: 2006, 260 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 9.28.07
Date finished: 10.10.07
What I liked: If you need a dose of existentialism, Anders is your guy.
What I didn’t like: Because of the repetition, I wasn’t able to concentrate on the book after a while.
What I learned: I can get a little lost with no narrative.

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