Jancee Dunn, “But Enough About Me…”

As you can see I’m getting serious about meeting my 50-book goal. I got behind while moving and moving again, but I am getting back on track!

You might recognize Jancee Dunn from her stint as a VJ for MTV2. Or if you’re a music mag junkie, you’ve likely seen her bylines in Rolling Stone. The book traces her path from down-home Jersey girl to big-time reporter. (She’s one of those MTV personalities who sticks in some cranny of your brain, resurfacing only when you come across something like an essay she wrote for Blueprint.) She’s an incredibly fun writer, but I do have some issues with this memoir.

Published: 2006, 276 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 9.2.07
Date finished: 9.3.07
What I liked: The setup: She intersperses biographical vignettes with how-to pieces on getting celebrities to tell you all sorts of things they’d rather not.
What I didn’t like: Unfortunately, skipping back and forth made me forget who she was talking about a lot of the time. And after the first few chapters, she stopped making clear references to what year the autobiographical stuff was taking place, which turned me around a little. Her early years are charming—who wouldn’t want to be snatched up by Rolling Stone? But later on, although I appreciate seeing what someone else’s 20s and 30s were like, the personal stuff just feels like it’s barreling towards the inevitable: She meets the man of her dreams, they live happily ever after, etc. I also felt like the book at first really jammed it down your throat that she’s just a girl from Jersey! Her palms get so sweaty! New York may as well be Canada! But the book shaped up, and on the whole, it was totally fun.
What I learned: How to turn down an offer of heroin from a rock star; that Loretta Lynn is a huge sweetheart; lots and lots of ways to keep the conversation going with a reluctant subject.

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