The writers at Slate, “The Explainer”

For anyone unfamiliar with the awesome column “The Explainer,” every week or so, has its staff research some question pertaining to one of the big stories of the day. It’s always something you didn’t even know you wanted to know, which makes it absolutely genius. This, appropriately, is a collection of those questions and the sometimes surprising answers.

Published: 2004, 250 pp.
Obtained via: Ben
Date started: 8.19.07
Date finished: 9.1.07
What I liked: I love the Explainer in general.
What I didn’t like: No complaints.
What I learned: Where to begin? What happens to recalled meat, who to call if you find a nuclear bomb, what health benefits congress members receive, what people who live in Niger are called, the difference between the WTO and the IMF, what exactly money laundering is, and how often prisoners escape.

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