Evan Dorkin, “Circling the Drain”

Mandy lent me this, the second volume of compiled issues of Dork by Evan Dorkin. She knew my style, for sure. I definitely feel the ’60s and ’70s Mad Magazine influence on the drawings, and even though the book’s a jumble of short stories, drawn-out angstfests, one-liners and non sequiturs, it flows really well.

Published: 2003 (originally), 112 pp.
Obtained via: Mandy
Date started: 8.22.07
Date finished: 8.25.07
What I liked: Love the devil puppet and his “Invisible College of Secret Knowledge.” (The devil puppet commands the attention of entire rooms with his tales of “those unfortunate souls who have found themselves banished by man’s memory and blacklisted from his record books.” For example, the founder of the Kiss Navy and the “spaghetti baby.”) Love the stream of consciousness feel and stories from awkward adolescence.
What I didn’t like: All the murder. Not into it.
What I learned: Mr. Clean came out in 1988 after retiring from commercials.

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