F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”

I’m slightly embarrassed to say this isn’t a reread. It was never assigned to me in high school, and I generally avoided literature classes in college. I picked up this copy in a library booksale a few years ago, but did not manage to get past the first few pages. All that flowery prose with no apparent purpose! Luckily, I pushed through, and by the fifth page I was absolutely hooked.

Published: 1925 (originally), 180 pp.
Obtained via: Booksale
Date started: 8.12.07
Date finished: 8.16.07
What I liked: Reading this book while getting set up in my turn-of-the-century apartment bordered on total immersion. I absolutely love the era — the 1920s — described in the book. Fitzgerald’s prose manages to still be so modern, and his choice of words is often pointed to the point of being laugh-out-loud funny.
What I didn’t like: Nothing worth mentioning.
What I learned: Life in the 1920s — excessive, influenced by war, revolving around money — seems very similar to life today.

One Comment

  1. Nafari

    Yo, Grace:
    I read Great Gatsby in high school, and really hated it, but I was in my “I hate everything old” mode. But since I respect your judgment as a book reviewer, I think I’ll give it another read.

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