Kurt Vonnegut, “Cat’s Cradle”

I can only partly claim to understand this whole thing after reading it, but the book jacket says “Cat’s Cradle” is a commentary on the madness of modern man. Main plot points: An inventor of the atomic bomb, a concoction called ice nine, a Latin American country called San Lorenzo where everyone is an adherent to a religion created by a calypso fan named Bokonon but also where being a Bokonist is punishable by death. It’s an exercise in absurdity and an absolutely fun read.

Published: 1963, reprinted 1998, 287 pp.
Obtained via: Borrowed from Marty
Date started: 7.02.07
Date finished: 7.31.07
What I liked: Using short chapters like these, any other author might have ended up with a choppy book, but Vonnegut makes it flow perfectly, and some of their titles were seriously laughter-inducing.
What I didn’t like: I can’t claim to dislike any part of this, but I think I’m going to need to read the whole thing again to fully appreciate the humor, which was heavily touted by my friend.
What I learned: A lot of words that I’ve added to a notebook I call my “prison dictionary.”

One Comment

  1. Jaclyn

    You need to read “Teacher Man” by Frank McCourt. Memoir about his time teaching in NYC. So touching. Funny. Great read. When I finish a book that I truly loved, I get this weird feeling like I want to hold it against my chest and press, as if I can make it a part of me. (Ridiculous, I know, but if you love books, I suspect you’ve had a similar sensation … Right? Tell me it’s not just me …)

    You know, I so love your format on these reviews. I almost want to write it for you. I say you should have guest reviewers, Graciekins.

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