“Notes From The Underground,” edited by Nancy Armstrong

“Notes From The Underground: The Most Outrageous Stories From The Alternative Press” at its best points inspires and outrages you. At its worst, it’s mildly boring. But on the whole, the editor selected a great crop of stories from alt-weeklies all over the United States.

Published: 2005, 338 pp.
Obtained via: Powell’s, Portland, Ore.
Date started: 3.27.07
Date finished: 4.24.07
What I liked: “Bound by Fear: Polygamy in Arizona” was fascinating; “Dope” because Dan Savage is always amazing; “Stalking the Bogeyman” is haunting and powerful.
What I didn’t like: “Academia Under Siege” got a little dry; “Dead Wrong” seems to tell the same story over and over.
What I learned: A lot about Mormons and a little about love.
Unresolved question: What, exactly, was the selection process for these?

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