Nora Ephron, “I Feel Bad About My Neck”

The woman who brought us “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve Got Mail” reflects on her life in this collection of essays, some of which were published in magazines or the New York Times previously. She tackles the condundrum of hating purses but needing purses, laments not appreciating her neck before it turned into a sad mass of folds, and dishes out what she’s learned in her 64 years.

Published: 2006, 140 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 3.22.07
Date finished: 4.1.07
What I liked: It was an easy read, and at times pretty funny.
What I didn’t like: It definitely was not aimed at my age demographic, so I couldn’t identify with a lot of the topics.
What I learned: I should appreciate my neck more and live in a bikini until I’m 34.
Unresolved question: None — Ms. Ephron knows it all.


  1. morgan

    I read this, too. I liked it because it was funny, and I learned to appreciate being young and reveling in it a little while longer. I think we should live in bikinis until we’re 34.

  2. Jaclyn

    I wonder what would happen if I came to work in a bikini. Grace, let’s pick a day and both do this, just to see what happens. I know what will happen with me: I’ll freeze my ass off b/c the damn AC is always turned so frickin’ high.

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