Daniel Clowes, “Ice Haven”

A miserable little boy goes missing in the small town of Ice Haven. Daniel Clowes, who wrote “Ghost World,” is another artist (like Seth and Chris Ware) who make their drawings ambiguous enough that the story could be taking place any time from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Published: 2005, 88pp
Obtained via: Read at Borders
Date started: 2.10.07
Date finished: 2.10.07
What I liked: The strong, simultaneous storylines and the masterful drawing.
What I didn’t like: Too short!
What I learned: Breaking up a story into comic strip-length pieces doesn’t really hurt the narrative.
Unresolved question: Has the female private detective slept with the whole town?

One Comment

  1. Shaun!!!!!!!!

    One of the very few graphic novels I own. Definitely a good read. It was perhaps too short, but really there was so much going on that any longer and it would have hurt my head (moreso).

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