Jeffrey Brown, “Every Girl is the End of the World For Me”

Like the other Jeffrey Brown’s “Unlikely,” “Every Girl…” is about him and his attempts at dating various girls, except by this time he’s amassed a bit of a history and includes a glossary at the beginning to keep them straight.

Published: 2005, 104 pp.
Obtained via: Copacetic
Date started: 1.2.07
Date finished: 1.2.07
What I liked: Like before, I like the candid conversation.
What I didn’t like: But Brown transcribes every cough, um, heh and haw. It doesn’t quite deliver on the super-emo title.
What I learned: Allisyn, the girl in “Clumsy,” read about herself, apparently!
Unresolved question: Do girls date him, knowing they’ll get drawn in his comics in a few months?

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