Kevin Huizenga, “Curses”

I read a couple of Kevin Huizenga‘s Or Else and Glenn Ganges series comics upon the recommendation of Curt. I’d already heard of “Curses,” though, from the New York Times’ top 100 books of 2006 list. “Curses” is all thoughtful Glenn Ganges stories, which seem autobiographical, as they’re mostly set in the Midwestern suburbs Huizenga’s from.

Published: 2006, 146 pp.
Obtained via: Copacetic
Date started: 1.3.07
Date finished: 1.8.07
What I liked: I wish I could draw like this guy… His depictions of stripmall scenes are mesmerizing, especially when he weaves an Italian folk tale into them.
What I didn’t like: He quotes or paraphrases a lot from old books, and some of the narration goes on for pages and pages.
What I learned: To look for the magic in my surroundings more.
Unresolved question: Is a “jeezoh” real?

One Comment

  1. Matthew Johnson

    Jeezohs (more commonly spelled Jizo) are real, and most of the tradition around them that Huizenga describes is accurate — except for the fact that they are a Japanese, and not Midwestern American, tradition. Jizos are found in cemeteries all over Japan and, as described, frequently wear bibs or little knit caps that mothers of miscarried, stillborn or aborted babies place on them.

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