Jeffrey Brown, “Unlikely”

Before you accuse me of high levels of nerdery, I’ll come out and say that this is a graphic novel. Like Craig Thompson’s “Blankets” (which came highly recommended to me; which I devoured in less than 24 hours; which is the only other graphic novel I’ve read so far), this story’s about a guy who’s a virgin and has his first experiences and problems with a girl.

Published: 2003, 256 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 12.07.06
Date finished: 12.07.06
What I liked: The realness — some of the text bubbles capture the minute words we swallow or glaze over. Seeing the bell curve of a relationship presented in an unromantic way.
What I didn’t like: The drawing’s a little chicken-scratchy. But I also don’t like overly perfect and computer-aided comics, so I guess I’m just picky.
What I learned: Reconfirmed — I like graphic novels.
Unresolved question: Are all graphic novels about dudes who are virgins?

1 thought on “Jeffrey Brown, “Unlikely””

  1. Read Ghost World. It’s very, very classic and about girls who are virgins instead. And worth it even if you’ve seen the movie.

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