Bret Easton Ellis, “Lunar Park”

I’ve got to make one admission: In spite of how often I used to make fun of his style, this is the first book of Ellis’ I’ve ever read.

I’m really glad I didn’t read this at Halloween, when “Lunar Park” starts out. But I was still thoroughly creeped out, in the lock-my-bedroom-door-at-night kind of way. I kind of feel like he’s literature’s Tarantino; I just can’t get into ultraviolence. The book’s about a guy named Bret Easton Ellis, who is a famous writer, battling demons while trying to fit into his sudden role of suburban father. He watches his world crumble around him in days while he’s haunted by his father and a number of characters he created. I loved the hints of connections that might have just been him going mad, but seriously, who did not see the resolution coming?

Published: 2005, 320 pp.
Obtained via: Library
Date started: 11.16.06
Date finished: 11.19.06
What I liked: The suspense was sustained throughout, preventing me from putting the book down or turning off my lights. The mix of reality and fantasy.
What I didn’t like: The gore.
What I learned: Never buy a Terby.
Unresolved question: What was that last word that showed up twice? Did I miss something?


  1. karinnnnnnnn

    the terby was soooooo scary! and i cant remember the thing about the last word so i dont know but it was definitely the best BEE book I’ve ever read, by far.

    he really is kind of tarantino, isn’t he? that’s a very very good point and i’d be he would agree with you.

    makes me think of the running dialogue you and andrew and i had in the fall of 03
    “we like, did some coke, and then we, like, boffed on the veranda. omg cassidy, we totally norked until i neeked”

  2. gracedobush

    I’m glad to hear I picked the right Ellis book then!

    In the introduction especially I was constantly reminded of the dialogue we all did. Especially, for some reason, when he recounts trying to kidnap a yeshiva student in a drug haze after a book signing.

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